How Forensic Meteorologists And Structural Engineers Are Helping Insurers

Hurricane Ida made landfall on Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021, near Port Fourchon, Louisiana as a powerful Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of near 150 miles per hour. High winds, wind damage, storm-surge flooding, and flash floods occurred in many areas.

Hurricane Ida affected many of the same areas of the northern Gulf Coast that had already been affected by other tropical storms and hurricanes over the past few years, leading to many questions about causation and the correct date of loss.

As the remnants of Hurricane Ida moved toward the East Coast, a unique combination of weather features caused horrific flooding damage and numerous deaths in the New York City metropolitan area.

With so many different types of claims and lawsuits already filed, insurance carriers and attorneys must seek out reliable sources of weather information and qualified experts.

Carriers strive to provide good customer service quickly and efficiently, with the goal of paying the claims that are owed. Forensic weather consultants can provide companies and residents alike with accurate and reliable weather information for each address to help make those decisions.

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