Thousands Filing Complaints Over Insurer Responses To Ida Claims

It’s been four-and-a-half months since Hurricane Ida hit, and there are still families waiting on insurance payments to fix their homes. And now, more and more victims are turning to the state insurance department for help, or asking an attorney to speed up the process.

Kamri Butler says her Algiers home looks the exact same as the morning after Hurricane Ida hit. There is structural damage on the outside.

The shed in the yard had to be demolished. Inside, floors are gone, walls are damaged and sheetrock and insulation fall from a hole in roof.

‘We’re going into a new year with the same damage that occurred in September with the hurricane,’ 23-year-old Kamri Butler said.

A week after the Aug. 29 storm, they called their insurance company. The adjuster came out four months later in December. ‘They told us that some of the damage would not be covered,’ she said.

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