Why Insurers Will Turn To Sonic Branding

What makes a consumer choose a particular insurance product? The scope of the policy will certainly be important; the price, the recognizability of the brand and its perceived reputation will be factors, too.

How findable a policy is, how it compares with rivals, how easy it is to purchase. All of these issues will matter.

Ultimately, the customer will want to feel reassured that they have bought the right cover and that they can trust the brands to deliver should things go wrong.

In a world where technology dominates our lives, a customer’s experience of researching, finding, purchasing and using a product or service become critical determining factors in how that person feels about the provider and whether they will return to the brand in the future or recommend it to others.

Of all the financial sectors, insurance has perhaps become more immersed in digital than others. As such, it has seen wave after wave of change, from the delivery of policies via online and mobile to the arrival of aggregators and comparison sites separating brands from consumers still further and the entry of insurtech players offering new forms of cover, data innovation and streamlined business models.

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