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With 40 years of experience, we have master the art of tree removal. Our company has the necessary heavy machinery from cranes to bucket trucks, making us ready to handle any job. We specialize in emergency tree removal caused by bad weather or even rotting conditions. Our service vary but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and durability. Licensed and insured, with outstanding customer ratings we are ready to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Tree Trimming - tree trimming is always best to do when it is in its dormant season. This will help maintain the shape and appearance. There is a potential hazards of dead or broken limbs falling off at any time, making trimming a must. In addition, there is the occasional growth of trees getting too close to the utility lines and leaning over homes. Most importantly, the trimming away any affected branches or limbs improves airflow and provides needed shade.

Palm Tree Trimming - the beautiful sight of palm trees can bring admiration to the eyes. Although they require little maintenance, that does not mean the little work shouldnít be acknowledged. There are numerous of palm trees that are drought resistant and suited for hot climate. However, palm trees need trimming when it comes to the discoloration of the fronds. When the fronds turn brown it indicates that they are dry and dead. This will result in danger for strollers and your home. These dead fronds could fall off at any time which could cause accidents or injuries. In addition, over grown palm trees become hiding places for pests such as snacks and rats within the dead fronds.

Grants Tree Service will take the hassle of trimming your palm trees into our hands. Our service will make you feel safe and bring your palm trees back to life. Trimming is only required one to two times a year. Contact us today and let us handle your palm tree needs!

Stump Grinding - It is extremely important to eliminate tree stumps in your yard. There are advantages in employing stump grinding when you are looking to improve the life of your trees. When a tree stump is left in the ground, the growth of other smaller trees will become another costly problem. Two major problems may form: 1. The stump can grow again into a new tree that will require additional removal or 2. The stump can begin to decay. The decaying of the tree stumps can attract insects similar to carpenter ants, beetles, and termites. This decay can inflict an environmental concern for the other trees that surround your home. Stumps also harbor diseases or fungi that may cause serious risk to any other plants.

Leaving a stump in the ground is also hazard to those walking around or for small to medium motorized equipment/vehicles.

Here at Grantís Tree Service, we know the process of stump grinding. We can make it easy and efficient for your home. The process will be fast, not labor-intensive, no gapping-hole after construction, and environmental friendly. Give us a call today and find out how we can help!

Hurricane Preparation - Being a resident in the Sunshine State means odds are you will experience at least one hurricane a year. Taking the time to get your property hurricane ready will not only save you money but will also give you the peace of mind that money cannot buy. It is our experience, owners that wait until after the storm has done damage end up loosing irreplaceable items, need to take more time from work and are often displaced because the fallen tree has caused unlivable damage.

Grantís Tree Service offers free hurricane preparation analysis. During the inspection, your professional estimator will put together the best plan of action for your property. He/she will review with you any trees or limbs that may cause any unforeseen problems. Often times a tree will appear healthy but has decayed and hollowed on the inside.

Tree Removal - the removal of some trees could help the other trees located around your yard grow naturally and healthy. There should be a removal of trees when it becomes a threat to your surroundings. Many negative effects can develop when there is an overlook on tree removal. However, if action is taken, you could experience the beautification that will be displayed in your yard. Let us not forget the hot commodity of shade that comes along with it.

Tree transplanting

After 40 years of operation, we have noticed property owners desire tree removal for several reasons.

Tree Replacement - Often times trees are removed for cosmetic purposes only. If a tree has grown too large, a property owner might require its disposal. We are passionate about the growth of our planet and always recommend replacing your large tree with a smaller one.

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