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If you experience a devasting disaster and find yourself in need of emergency help and disaster cleanup services, the expert team at Summit Restoration is always ready to help you out.

Our services include: water & flood damage restoration, fire & smoke damage restoration, storm & wind damage restoration, mold removal, asbestos removal, tree removal, crime & trauma scene clean up services. Our technicians can take care of all your disaster cleanup needs and will quickly repair everything that has been ruined. Give us a call when you need a helping hand.

Our team is comprised of local technicians who specialize in treating the following types of structural damage: water and flood damage, fire and smoke damage, storm and wind damage, fallen tree removal, mold removal, asbestos abatement, and crime and trauma scene clean up. We are ready to clean up your property quickly so that you can get back to living life. While other restoration companies shy away from working with insurance providers, Summit Restoration will work with you and your insurance company. When it comes to emergencies, we know time is of the essence, so we want your provider to be able to validate your claim as soon as possible. We will be your advocate when the going gets tough.

We are backed by highly trained IIRC certified technicians. Our crews will salvage through your structureís items, such as subflooring, carpet, drywall, hardwood flooring, tiles, and cabinets to help reduce the overall cost of claims.

Sadly, many people delay working with a restoration company in times of emergency because they are not aware of all the services they offer. Not only are floods, fires, major storms, and other natural events difficult to handle, but a person may feel too intimidated to reach out to one of these companies. By the time they decide it is time to work with these technicians, the damage has worsened. When your time is limited and you are dealing with a confusing mess, the best step to take is contacting our specialists within 24 hours of the event.

We provide impeccable home and business mitigation and reconstruction services, and we are here for you round-the-clock. We also pride ourselves in giving the highest level of customer service, and we have long-lasting relationships with our partners and clients. We value our employees and recognize them as the strength of our company. If you reside in Utah County, including Lehi, American Fork, Orem, and Provo, please get in touch with us below with any questions you may have.


Emergency Disaster Restoration Services

You can be assured, when disaster strikes, we are prepared. Our strategic planning and knowledge allow us to mobilize damages and produce a quick recovery rate. For any type of water damage from bursting basement pipes to overflowing flood waters, we are prepared for the worst. A disaster can occur at any time. Our semi-trailers are pre-loaded and ready with air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and moisture testing equipment. We provide Local water damage technicians to cleanup and dry out your property quickly. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Summit Restoration is here to work with you and your insurance company.

We are backed by highly trained IIRC certified technicians and have a large inventory of state-of-the-art equipment. These crews will salvage through the structures items, such as, sub flooring, carpet, drywall, hardwood flooring, tiles and cabinets to help reduce the overall cost of claims.


Restoration for flame, heat and smoke exposure.
Fire can cause significant, expensive damage to your property, but many people do not take into account the aftermath of a fire, such as smoke. The presence of smoke can wreak havoc on your structure, belongings, and familyís health.

Even if your homeís walls did not burn down in a fire, lingering smoke soot can permanently damage and stain your walls if not treated on time. We know there is trauma and emotional distress after surviving a fire. Let us handle the restoration process while you take the time to heal. We will consider the full impact of the situation, including smoke, heat, and residual damage.


Mold contamination and formation.

In the event of a water loss itís important to take in concern the possibility of mold forming. Every type of mold situation is different and we will take necessary step determine the severity of it. To assure you that all your needs are meet during the restoration process we will directly work with you or your insurance company. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal here at Summit Restoration.

As a property owner you should know why mold forms. Mold is a fungus that causes organic materials to decay. Mold can grow and spread to various types of materials such as drywall, wood and tile. Mold thrives in areas that are moist and humid. Some warning signs of mold forming are a musty odor and discoloration of materials. If you experience water damage itís important to have the areas cleaned as soon as possible. Mold can form in just 48 hours.


Storm damage and debris removal.

Hail and flooding often take the most tolls. Blizzards bring ice damming and scaring wind damages.

Our teams of IICRC certified professionals are there when Mother Nature unleashes havoc on your property. We offer immediate help for whatever damage needs restoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our promise is to be the first responders to your disaster crisis. The elements that can damage your property such as hail, wind, water, lightning and downed trees are no match for our professionals.

Certified Contractors for Rebuilding Your Life and Property

Storms can render your property useless without the most essential requirement, electricity.


Fallen tree removal, cleanup, and debris disposal.

There are various reasons why you may want to remove fallen trees from your property, but the most common include dead and diseased trees that are impacting your curb appeal. Perhaps you do not have enough room for all the trees sprouting in your yard.

It makes sense to want to remove a dead tree from your property as soon as possible because their roots begin to weaken. Trees can also develop plant disease, causing pests to flock to them and destroy them inside out. Sometimes, you may be able to cut off the decaying part of a tree, but it is best to contact our experts first to discuss how to best move forward.


Asbestos hazard Inspection and cleanup.

Even though the production of most asbestos has been illegal in the U.S. for decades, it continues to linger in buildings constructed before 1980. The following building materials usually contain asbestos: flooring and other finishes, roofing products, fire proofing, insulation material, wall and ceiling materials, and adhesives.

We are an experienced asbestos abatement company, and our specialists are knowledgeable in local, state, and federal asbestos abatement law. We are also licensed to operate in Utah. When you work with us, we will provide you with a full-proof plan, which outlines the preparation and cleanup process so that you are informed every step of the way.


Biological hazard Inspection and cleanup.

Trauma cleanup can be difficult but we will strive to be your first step on the road to recovery. Our teams of highly trained and compassionate technicians are capable of handling the job to make sure your home or business is restored back to a safe and healthy condition.

It is important a company has expertise in safe control and disposal of bio-hazardous material. We provide complete cleaning and restoration of all areas that have been affected. If you need bio-hazard clean up, death clean up, crime scene, clean up, hoarding cleanup or blood spill. We cater around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week, ensuring that we assist your needs the moment you need it.

Our highly trained staff believes we offer more than just a cleaning service and you deserve promptness while being treated with respect and dignity.

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